A few random thoughts after a weekend of reading WikiLeaks

First – there’s a lot of information out there, and it’s pretty difficult to slog through. That being said, there’s a lot that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense without really knowing who the inside players are, and the context of a lot of the messages. I’ve never spent much time on Reddit in my life, but certain threads there have been quite helpful as far as background and context goes, especially for someone like me, who couldn’t sit and read through thousands of emails this weekend.

Second – I think most people are looking for “smoking gun” emails, that is, ones that spell out what happened and who did it. This isn’t to say that there aren’t messages that aren’t pretty damning, such as the $1 million “gift” to Bill Clinton for his 65th birthday, Clinton Foundation money going for personal expenses, such as Chelsea’s wedding, LOTS of media collusion with the Democrat party, etc., but these people aren’t stupid, and they know that they shouldn’t be explict (nor do they need to be) in most of their discussions.

Third – As much as a lot of people have howled about Donald Trump’s statements about the game being ‘rigged’, the emails do nothing to disprove this, but rather cement the notion that a lot of people feel that they are the ‘puppet-masters’ and that they have the right to rule the world the way that they see fit. This inevitably entails consolidating their own power and enriching themselves to a degree that most of us ‘peasants’ could never imagine. And for those of you who are Bernie Sanders fans and felt like the deck was stacked against him, too, you are entirely right.

Fourth – There are aspects in some of the emails that are downright creepy, even reading things on the surface. The best direct example of this is probably the conversations about attendance at a certain Marina Abramović and her “spirit cooking” sessions. While many may blow this off as “performance art”, without even going any deeper, there is something quite deeply disturbing about it. It’s not to say that sometimes art can’t be deeply disturbing and yet profoundly meaningful, but this delves, rather, in the dark and Satanic. Most of us, I believe, live our lives without paying a whole lot of attention to the ‘darker’ forces which run amok in the world, and that’s fine. However, this does not mean that these forces do not exist, and that there aren’t people who have allowed themselves to be possessed by evil. Some of this evil manifests itself as the unending pursuit of money, power, and fame. As Christians, we are warned against this, in large part, I believe, because it opens the gateway to following greater evil.

Fifth – A lot of these ‘elites’ are openly hostile to Judeo-Christian beliefs and tradition. For instance, it’s amazing to see pushback from DNC staffers who don’t want to release an official statement on the Jewish day commemorating the Holocaust even though Debbie Wasserman-Schultz requests one. For believers, faith in God supersedes subservience to the state, and for those hold power, dissent of any kind cannot be tolerated. At this point, even paying lip-service to respecting religion can hardly be allowed, though some will be done in the pursuit of holding power. Before the WikiLeaks released the emails of John Podesta, he was considered a ‘practicing’, ‘progressive’, Catholic, much in the vein of Tim Kaine or Nancy Pelosi. However, the emails reveal that he was working with George Soros-funded groups to subvert traditional Catholic teaching from within the Church.

One can search for keywords within a set in Wikileaks, and I thought it was interesting the few results that came up concerning the Orthodox Church. My search wasn’t exhaustive, but it seems like all the hits pertained to the Greek Orthodox Church. The following are my impressions, which are not necessarily made from things said explicitly, but the general impression of the whole. Already, one official of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has recently claimed that it was the US State Department, under the presidency of Bill Clinton, that put pressure on Patriarch Bartholomew to back away from a joint resolution to help heal the Church scism in Ukraine. It seems as though there is some effort to “make nice” with the Greek Orthodox, with certain people among the “in” circles being considered friendly towards them. Among these are Vice President Joe Biden (who was made an Archon), Representative Chris Van Hollen (whose wife is Greek and whos kids were baptized Greek Orthodox), and John Podesta himself, whose mother was Greek, and in one email points out to a reporter that one of the icons in his office was a gift from the Ecumenical Patriarch. I think these people are there to make Greek Orthodox faithful believe that they have good “friends in high places”. However, when push comes to shove, I don’t think it will matter a hill of beans. I believe that they see President Erdogan’s consolidation of power as something to be admired and emulated, and furthermore have demonstrated that they do not mind turning a blind eye to repressive governments (especially if they are willing to support the Clinton Foundation). Therefore, I believe that in particular, if Hillary Clinton were to become President, what is left of the Orthodox Church in Turkey (the Church in Constantinople) will be destroyed, and not only will there be no help for the EP from the US, but it is doubtful that there would even be a strong letter of denunciation from our side.


Author: rhipsime14

Orthodox Christian (or at least trying to be), wife, mother, working toward the true goals in this life all in the hope of the next. Please be aware that some links are affiliate links; any purchases made through them are greatly appreciated. Many photos are also available through Cafepress: Places of Beauty

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