Men being men, words and deeds

The manufactured outrage (OUTRAGE!) outfit is at it again, this time taking to task Donald Trump for some unbecoming chatter he and another man took part in over a decade ago. The press and ‘our betters’, are shocked (SHOCKED!) that a man now running for the Presidency could speak in such a manner. Therefore, the good and righteous thing to do, of course, is refuse to vote for Mr. Trump come election day. After all, that would serve him right!

Please, spare me the outrage.

Now, anyone who knows me in real life knows that I’m somebody who is pretty softspoken, and rarely uses any vulgarity at all. However, once I was a teenager, a good percentage of my friends were male. None of them were degenerates. However, after awhile I noticed something peculiar – although I had never asked or demanded it, there were times when I would approach a male-only conversation when it was obvious that the language or tenor of the conversation changed at my arrival. I could have jumped the gun and been offended with this, but because I knew these young men, my logical brain jumped in and told me that this was nothing to be upset with, that as much as I was a good friend to them, there was definitely a difference between how guys talk amongst themselves and how they talked in mixed company. It was something left unsaid, but I believe that this was something that strengthened our friendships; that I didn’t demand from them that they change, and that because they truly did respect me as a good friend and a member of the opposite sex, they behaved a little differently when I was around.

Fast forward a few years to where I was working on a military installation in one of their recreation facilities which also served alcohol. Of course, even in the military, there are creeps, but by and large, the men – and they were mostly men – who patronized this place were honorable guys. Not perfect, of course, but honorable. However, you have got to believe that the language that these men used amongst themselves was not all the kind used in polite company. By and large, they did their best to keep it amongst themselves, but if you weren’t the type of female who could handle some salty and vulgar language, this really wasn’t the place for you. I suppose that a feminist might demand that these male soldiers ‘reform’, however, those of us working there understood that these men needed their ‘safe spaces’, where they could kick back and relax amongst other men. I don’t even make the claim that most men even engage in the type of language that Donald Trump and Billy Bush were caught in, and I congratulate those men who don’t, but the ‘locker room talk’ stuff doesn’t bother me all that much because it’s pretty much all bluster and braggadocio, a way men – especially those with big egos – make idle conversation.

This brings me to a second point. For whatever vulgar comments that Donald Trump was recorded saying years and years ago, this does not compare in the least to the things that the former President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton, actually did. Not only that, but his wife, who is now running for the same office, consistently acted, not as a champion of her sex, but in a manner which would cement the influence and power of herself and her husband, no matter what the cost. If this meant slandering a 12-year-old rape victim in court, so be it. Collateral damage.

Much has been made about Donald Trump’s “stunt”, bringing four Clinton victims in front of reporters before the second Presidential debate this past Sunday. All four have gone through horrific experiences at the hands of men. And yet despite tape being made public of some raunchy material out of the mouth of Donald Trump, all four of them endorsed Trump, understanding that there is a wide gulf between things said and things done. This statement speaks as powerfully as anything else, that while Donald Trump surely is no angel, these women, all survivors of sexual trauma, would rather see Trump elected President than the alternative. Their stories are a testament to that.


Author: rhipsime14

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